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Superintendent/Quality Control Manager/Site Safety


Has 25 years of experience in the construction industry including federal, power, and water construction, QA/QC environmental, safety, & occupational health management, and more.



Company: Sygnos Inc
Project Title: Minot AFB
Government Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Position: Site Manager, Superintendent, Quality Control Manager, and
Site Safety & Health Officer
Responsibilities & Scope: Directed and oversaw site activities, set
schedules, worked closely with the client and stakeholders, managed
the project budget, quality control/RMS, and maintained site safety
program. Direct site superintendent for two roof replacement projects.
Performed the function of Alternate Quality Control Manager and Site
Safety and Health officer for a military aircraft dock renovation project.

Company: North Wind
Government Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Position: Superintendent, Quality Control Manager, and Site Safety &
Health Officer
Responsibilities: Implemented project-specific Department of Energy
(DOE) and USACE environmental, occupational health, safety, and
quality programs. Maintained and administered a safe and efficient
work environment for both union and non-union employees. Developed
and implemented digital (personal use devices/apps) and paperless
processes and systems for employee training, quality (QA/QC)
inspections, daily production/costing reports and submittals, and Root
Cause Analysis/CAPA investigations. Assisted in developing an
enhanced document control management system facilitating
stakeholder and client participation in production, quality, and
compliance reviews to near real time. Assisted in several DOE contract
transition teams auditing environmental, safety, occupational health,
quality, security, and management systems and documentation.


USACE Site Safety & Health Officer, USACE Construction Quality Management for Contractors, NPDES Stormwater Manager & Inspector, Certified Environmental, Safety, Occupational Health, Quality Manager, Trainer, and Internal Auditor. Trained in OSHA Hazmat Supervisor, Confined Space, Bloodborne Pathogens, Critical Lift, Explosives Recognition & Response, Trenching, Excavation, & Fall Protection, FEMA Emergency Response, Emergency Management & Recovery

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