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Failure is Inevitable

Author: Scott Arias

Failure is Inevitable. God gave us two hands, two feet, and one brain. He gave us the ability to make choices and follow through with action. Collectively, these choices form our character. The consequences of our actions are a direct result of our ability to plan, target, and drive ourselves toward objectives that God intends for our lives. If I could give you a formula for significance and success in your life centered around yearly, quarterly, weekly, and daily objectives, would you follow it? This is the foundation on which my new book was created. Formula for Success defines what success looks like in practice. While it may be simple to define in a few words, the definition of success is created by the observer. The current Merriam-Webster definition of success is “the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence” (2021, pg. 1,456) but in 1806, Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language defined success as being “generous, prosperous, and kind”. Success may look different based on who you are, where you live, and what your personal situation may be. It’s important to realize that where you start can and should contribute to your meaning of success, but where you finish is what really matters.

While I will not attempt to sway the meaning of the word success for you, I want you to understand that success is something that you must clearly and tangibly define first. Many of the topics in this book are focused on key aspects of life that are not only important but astronomically significant. A holistic approach to success is founded in significance; being able to have an impact on others around you in a positive way, in multiple areas of your life, rather than being successful in just a few areas at the sacrifice of others. It would be rare for you to see success across all areas of your life. This is due, in large part, to the limited time you must spend focusing on every aspect of life. For this reason, I offer you a formula that can give you success and significance in all parts of your life, using planning and accountability as a means of achievement. This is not about living a balanced life, which can be leading a life of mediocrity; but, rather, it’s about living a life of significance by focusing on what is important and becoming fully vested in these areas.

Success equals significance.


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