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Meet the ACE Consulting Recruiters: Building the Future of Construction

Welcome to the ACE Consulting, “Meet the Recruiters,” where we take a closer look at the dedicated professionals behind our mission to connect top talent with the construction industry’s most promising opportunities. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the dynamic team of Field Consultants at ACE Consulting who are on the front lines of recruiting and building relationships with construction professionals across the United States.

Chance Keith: Connecting the Dots in Construction

Meet Chance Keith, a seasoned Field Consultant at ACE Consulting. With a keen eye for identifying construction talent and a passion for the great outdoors, Chance is more than just a recruiter; he’s a valuable asset to our team.

In his role, Chance specializes in finding and supplying construction professionals to clients nationwide. His primary focus areas include government construction Site Superintendents, Quality Control Managers, and Site Safety Health Officers. When he’s not in the office, you can find Chance on the golf course, fishing, or camping with his family. His love for the outdoors is matched only by his dedication to helping ACE Consulting clients find the perfect candidates for their projects.

Chance’s journey into the world of construction recruitment began with a desire to bridge the gap between skilled professionals and the industry’s needs. He understands that construction projects demand not only technical expertise but also the right cultural fit and attitude. His meticulous approach to matching candidates with the right opportunities has led to numerous successful placements and satisfied clients.

When asked about his favorite aspect of being a Field Consultant, Chance said, “It’s the thrill of seeing individuals excel in their careers and contribute to the success of major construction projects. Building strong teams is at the core of what I do, and it’s incredibly rewarding.”

Nick Perfetto: A Navy Veteran’s Journey into Recruitment

Nick Perfetto’s journey to ACE Consulting is nothing short of impressive. A native of Brooklyn, NY, Nick’s career began in the United States Navy, where he served as an Aircraft Mechanic and Ejection Seat Technician. He deployed twice to the Middle East aboard aircraft carriers, gaining invaluable experience and an extensive network of connections across the globe.

After leaving the Navy in October 2022, Nick joined ACE Consulting, bringing his remarkable networking skills to the field of construction recruitment. As a recruiter, Nick focuses on building relationships within the construction industry and networking with professionals who can help ACE Consulting clients find the perfect fit for their job openings. He believes in the power of conversations and referrals, making him an essential part of our team.

Nick’s military background has instilled in him a strong work ethic, discipline, and a commitment to excellence. These qualities are evident in his approach to recruitment, where he leaves no stone unturned to find the best candidates for our clients. He understands that the construction industry is built on trust and reliability, and he brings those principles to his interactions with both clients and candidates.

Nick is not only a dedicated recruiter but also a devoted family man. He’s married with one daughter and another child on the way in December, showing that his commitment to his work extends to his personal life.

Zack Francisco: From Police Officer to ACE Consultant

Zack Francisco’s journey into the world of construction recruitment is a testament to his adaptability and determination. Before joining ACE Consulting, Zack served as a Police Officer with the Lexington Police Department, displaying courage and leadership in the line of duty. Today, he brings those same qualities to his role as a Field Consultant.

Zack is a proud Christian hailing from Eastern Kentucky, where he shares his life with his wife Jessica, son Dallas, and their loyal dog Samson. In his capacity as a Field Consultant, Zack manages the staffing of construction management personnel for clients across the United States. He also plays a crucial role in permanent placement staffing, GSA staffing, and contributes to the security sector, showcasing his versatility and dedication to excellence.

In his previous role as a Police Officer, Zack gained invaluable experience in crisis management, decision-making under pressure, and effective communication – skills that have seamlessly translated into his career as a Field Consultant. He understands the importance of recruiting the right professionals for critical roles in construction, where safety, precision, and teamwork are paramount.

The ACE Consulting team is proud to introduce you to these exceptional Field Consultants, Chance Keith, Nick Perfetto, and Zack Francisco. Their diverse backgrounds, skills, and dedication to their roles make them invaluable assets in connecting construction professionals with the opportunities they deserve. Stay tuned for more insights into the passionate individuals who drive ACE Consulting’s success in the construction industry. We believe that by highlighting the stories and contributions of our recruiters, we can inspire others to join us in shaping the future of construction.

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