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Quality Control, Site Safety and Health Officer


A reliable professional offering expertise gained over a career in diverse roles. Competent in Analytical, Business, Customer, Decision, Leadership, and Time-Management Skills. With more than 8 years in the Construction Industry from Residential to Nuclear, I have the acumen and qualities that can provide significant knowledge to impact any organization advancement.


Quality Control, Site Safety Health Officer



Position: Quality Control/Safety Compliance Inspector

Responsibilities & Scope: 

QUALITY CONTROL: Maintains a written and trackable log of inspections, corrective actions, along with dates corrections were made. Submits daily and weekly findings to the QC Manager.

SAFETY COMPLIANCE: Confirm that contractors and Union technicians entering the workplace are 100% in compliance with workplace safety, regulations, rules, and references identified in PWS.

REPORTING AND TESTING: Generate over 50 GFEBS / DMO reports and warranties for the appropriate type of work, hours, and monetary limits and entered GFEBS to value the industry standards and compliant with ISO 9001-2000. Gathers and analyzes information, prepares operational reports, and evaluates current and proposed services. Testing the use of water to maintain the Barracks 110-degree temperature along with Restaurants, and DFACS 180-degree temperatures.

INSPECT: Provide updates with verification and detailed Purchase Order inspections from Subcontractors, averaging more than $50,000.00 weekly signatures for payment to Procurement. Conduct in-depth inquiries, inspections, and investigations to analyze and resolve critical system issues. Coordinate and conduct investigations of allegations/issues.

EVALUATE: Surveys Monthly LP Tanks and weekly Mechanical Room inspections for Fire Extinguishers, Air Filters, Insulation, Tripping Hazards, Clear Floor Drains, Exposed Wires, Electrical Boxes, Debris and Conduit.

GFEBS: Use ERP CODES IW28 and IW37N in GFEBS to verify and run reports for Priority 1’s/ESO/ Open DMOS to detect inspections for also Hood Cleanings/Grease Traps, etc.

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT: Report and Identify inspection deficiencies to determine the underlying or root cause of the problem to recommend corrective action.

PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: Ensures M&R DMOs are limited to 32 labor hours, materials and equipment accruals will not exceed $10,000.00 without prior written approval of the COR. Assist in developing and implementing comprehensive, command-wide programs that report on the efficiency, economy, discipline, morale, and readiness of the Command. Perform duties/responsibilities, to include development and training needs.


Position: Site Safety Coordinator

Responsibilities & Scope: 

SUMMARY: Managed inspection of facility, equipment, devices, tools, and employee attire for PPE. • Required an oversight of the coordination and implementation of the safety aspects including general safety efforts, policies, and procedures. • Organized the training and orientation for job-site specific safety to assure all personnel always followed the approved site safety plan on-site. • Built accident prevention promotional material for distribution. • Supported a safe environment by coordinating and cooperating with local, state, and regional safety groups and agencies. • Furthered budgetary requirements in support of the organization's training and training support functions to include those courses provided by contract vendors, other units, and external agencies. • Developed and manage contract actions in support of Master Planning and Facility Programing requirements


Position: Construction Site Safety Representative

Responsibilities & Scope: 

SUMMARY: Maintained a safe and healthful environment by identifying and anticipating concerns and hazards, developing, and enforcing systems, policies, and procedures representing all Local 105 union workers. OPERATIONS: Helped the company through the operations management including troubleshooting inefficiencies and discrepancies, while investigating, gathering, and analyzing data for recurring events


Position: Site Safety Health Officerr43efc

Responsibilities & Scope: 

SUMMARY: Performed safety and occupational health management, surveillance, inspections, and safety enforcement for the Contractor. • Offered an administration of the safety efforts and the promotion and facilitation of an injury and incident free cultural environment. • Directed meetings to provide input on safety and health criteria. • Oversaw accident investigations to determine contributing factors. • Successfully implemented environmental, health, and safety programs related to injury reduction, industrial safety, waste management, air emissions, wastewater discharge, and spill/emergency response. • Led toolbox meetings with Foremen and crew members to discuss important information relating to the project


Position: Health & Safety Coordinator

Responsibilities & Scope: 

SUMMARY: Responsible for identifying the potential safety risks of an organization, recommending solutions to mitigate hazards that may affect the company's operational performance and productivity.

Guided the implementation of company safety program including development of safety methods, procedures, and policies based on company guidelines • Executed safety initiatives through consistent quality training, while fostering a positive safety culture with the entire team through training and enforcement of safety rules and work standards. • Participated in team studies related to capacity, energy, productivity, and efficiency. • Deported mishap investigations. • Conducted safety orientations and meetings with personnel at the jobsite


Position: Health & Safety Coordinator

Responsibilities & Scope: 

SUMMARY: Executed a Corporate worksite Health & Safety program at Blue Bird Bus facility and develop and administer site-specific Health & Safety programs, consistent with established Company policies and in accordance with applicable regulations and standards. Train workforce on safety procedures and requirements. Ensure all elements of contract safety requirements are being followed and adopted. Reports to Site Level Program Manager

Inspected the work environment to identify safety, health, and environmental risks. • Aligned activities involving outside regulatory agencies such as OSHA and EPA. • Gave interpretation and technical guidance to organizations and contractor management of Federal regulatory standards and industry consensus standards related to health as well as the control or elimination of unsafe acts or conditions that result from facility operations. • Removed personnel not wearing proper PPE or are a safety risk. • Worked collaboratively with the EHS Manager to assist with the development and execution EHS training programs for employees in areas such as regulated EHS training, hazardous material safety and handling, emergency response, waste management, and life safety.


Position: Safety Specialist

Responsibilities & Scope: 

SUMMARY: Accounted for the safety and occupational health management of project employees, safety reporting and ensures the project team is adhering to the company safety regulations

Aggressively monitored compliance with mandatory safety and health laws, standards, and codes to assure full environmental and operational adherence. • Provided technical guidance for the development of protective equipment for uses on procedures and redesign tools to eliminate safety/health hazards as needed. • Ordinated occupational safety and health program planning activities and oversees administration of occupational safety and health and emergency services, contractor performance evaluation process and strategic planning. • Contemplated the degree of compliance with applicable mandates and criteria


Department of Defense, American Red Cross, OSHA, Georgia Institute of Technology

Adult First Aid/CPR/AED • Returning to Work During COVID-19: Safe Work Practices • Psychological Heath First Aid: Support Yourself and Others During COVID-19 • OSHA 500 • OSHA 510 • OSHA 30 • OSHA 10 • Electrical Safety • GFEBS (General Funds Enterprise Business Systems) Essentials [Subsumes L101E, L201E, L303E] • GFEBS Plant Maintenance Master Data Maintainer • GFEBS Plant Maintenance Procedures • GFEBS Order Management and Execution • GFEBS Supply and Inventory Management • GFEBS Project Systems • Leaders Safety and Occupational Health • Hazmat Familiarization/ Safety Transportation • Information Security Program • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC): Access Risk Analysis (ARA) • Quality Assurance • Quality Assurance: Logistics Function

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